Timsun tyres are of different air pressure standards. Every tyre will have the max air pressure mentioned on the side walls. Its very important to maintain that pressure for a better life of tyre and beter fuel efficiency of your bike 

Its is a Sino-Taiwan joint venture. It is an exclusive Motorcycle tyre
Manufacturing Company. TIMSUN has a manufacturing unit in Wehai
City( china).

Timsun produces world class BIAS belted soft compound Tyres with well
built side walls. These tyres are made with 100% fresh rubber and offer an un
comparable shelf life and performance and have wide ranges of patterns/
compound to suit different road conditions and different riding habits.


It is a soft compound tyre. The ratio of Silicon vary from pattern to pattern
depending on the purpose.

Always look on the side wall and maintain the pressure mentioned by the

The manufacturing date of tyre will be mentioned in the sidewall in the form
of four digit numbers for example 4519 which means the tyre was manufactured
on week 45 of 2019

It will be written on the sidewall of the tyre

Choosing a tyre depends on the kind of bike you have, what kind of rides
you do, road conditions, weather and terrain etc.

One should always check tyres in several tread locations to check the
inner, outer and middle grooves as tyres can wear differently on each side.
On the side wall there will be a Tread Wear Indicator( TWI) mark also.

Few Important things that on the sidewall is the tyre size
 Width, height to section width ration expressed in percentage and Rim
 Load Index and the Speed rating
 Tube type or Tubeless
 Manufacturing week and year
 Tyre pressure to be maintained
 Certifications

“Tubeless”/ TL is written on the sidewall of The tubeless tyre to indicate
its construction.

At the time of purchase, every bike/scooter comes with a set of factory-
fitted tyres. These tyres, called Original size OR Stock Size but, if you decide

to try to get your vehicle fitted either with wider tyres with the same wheel
diameter or change to larger-rimmed tyres the process is called upsizing.

Speed Rating Symbol -  Kilometres per Hour

L 120 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
M 130 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
N 140 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
P 150 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
Q 160 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
R 170 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
S 180 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
T 190 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)

U 200 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
H 210 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
V 240 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
W 270 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
Y 300 - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)
Z 240+ - Max Speed Capability (Km/h)

Please mail us on info@timsun.in

Sorry we don’t provide fitment at our experience centre

The load index is a numerical code that corresponds to the maximum
weight a tyre can support. To determine your load index, locate the number
on the sidewall of one of your tyres and compare it with the load index table.

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