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Unleashing the beast in Two-wheeler Tyre segment

The widest range of soft compound tyres world-wide, Timsun Tyres,with its "Exceptional Quality, Road grip & Stability", is sure to pump in your adrenalin!

Timsun Updates New Arrival!!..TLI Pro High Tensile heavy duty Butyl Tubes.Experiance the thrill...... Hurry, Timsun TS 697, 130/80-18 is nearing the last few stocks.Place the order at the earliest..

Indroducing, Heavy duty Butyl Tubes from TLI Pro

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WHY Timsun Tyres
"TIMSUN is the only tyre brand giving wide range of soft compound tyres in BIAS built, which is pragmatic for Indian road conditions thereby delivering high level of performance."
"STRONGER SIDE WALLS AND BEED AREA - TIMSUN Tyres comes with stronger sidewalls and beeds thereby navigating broken & off road conditions effectively"
JIS CERTIFIED - Timsun in one of those privileged brands meeting all the major quality standard certifications like JIS (Japan), DOT(USA), E4(Europe), BIS (India)
WIDE RANGE TO SUIT EVERY RIDER - Multiple compound and pattern combinations allow a rider to select a tyre suiting more to his riding style or needs.

"Timsun offers the best shelf life warranty of 10 years and best on road life (for aging of rubber) of 5 years from the date of purchase"